Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy

Refund Policy :

a) We Will Refund The Whole (100%) Amount If Refund Request Is Made Within First 2 Days After The Online Transaction Is Made.

b) If Refund Request Is Made After 2 Days But Within 7 Days Only 50% Of The Total Amount Will Be Refunded.

c) No Refund Request Can Be Entertained After 7 Days Of Payment.

d) For Offline Payments Check, Cash Or Bank Draft Once Deposited Will Only Be Refunded Upon Request Which May Take Time Depending Upon Bank, National Holidays, Or Time Taken By Bank To Process Request Which May Vary Accordingly. In Such Cases 30% Processing Charges Will Be Applicable If Request Is Made Before The Dispatch Of Treatment Or If Treatment Is Returned Back / Not Accepted. In Cases Of Request Made Later No Refund Will Be Applicable & Such Request Will Be Entertained.

e) Patients Can Cancel The Treatment Any Time Or Change The Treatment Accordingly With Consultations From The Doctor.

f) In Case The Product Is Damaged When Delivered, We Will Deliver It Again And Charges Are Borne By Our Company.

g) Medicines (Treatment) Is Shipped In Cycles Of 30 Days From The Date Of Purchase, For The Time Period Of Treatment Purchased By The Patient.

h) If Patient Has Opted For Follow Up Of More Than 1 Month The Amount Will Only Be Refunded After Deducting The Charges Of Treatment Used In Multiples Of 30 Days Cycles. For Example If Patient Has Purchased 6 Months Treatment And Wishes To Cancel The Treatment In Third Month, The Patient Will Be Refunded The Amount Of Rest 3 Months Of Which The Medicines Are Not Yet Shipped.

i) No Exchange Policy.

j) Mode Of Refund May Vary.

For Any Further Information Please Mail / Contact Support  Alternatively Visit Our Support Desk